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Oracle DevLab: Introduction to Data Science

Live Workshop
15-16, December 2021
9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CET (duration 4 hours)

Data science: An untapped resource for machine learning

If you're a technical professional and you would like to broaden your skillset with Data Science and Machine Learning, then this is the workshop for you!

Without a doubt you've heard about the potential of this new field. There are many proven applications throughout industries and business functions, and many new cases are still waiting to be discovered. For the professional this means that there's an enormous opportunity to ride this wave of innovation.

The target audience are people without previous Data Science experience that would like to get started with this new field, for example:
  • Application developers that would like to add ML to their applications or business flows.
  • Advanced users of analytics that would like to add predictions to their dashboards.
  • Database experts that would like to create ML models for data that's stored in databases.
  • Other (IT) professionals with technical affinity.
The workshop consists of 2 sessions of 4 hours. It is highly recommended that you visit both sessions.

Agenda session 1 - Wednesday 15 December 2021 (duration 4 hours):
- Introduction to Data Science
- Oracle Portfolio overview
- Data preparation, model training and preparation using basic Python in OCI Data Science
- Model deployment, AutoML and Neural network
Agenda session 2 - Thursday 16 December 2021 (duration 4 hours):
- In-database Machine Learning
- Oracle Analytics
- OCI AI Services