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On-demand Omdia Webinar

Network slice management: orchestrating compelling 5G use cases

Network slicing will enable mobile operators to deliver 5G services that are both guaranteed and customized to the unique needs of different customer segments. This opens up new revenue opportunities for operators and has been heralded as a key justification for investment in 5G.

As network slices may be specified by numerous parameters such as geographic coverage, data rate, latency, etc., operators will need to be able to dynamically design, create, manage and scale these slices to offer a true on-demand experience to their enterprise customers – complete with control, robust SLAs and competitive pricing.

This highlights the importance for operators to implement and ultimately automate closed loop control of such services with a service and network orchestration solution that enables flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient operations.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What use cases show the greatest promise for network slicing.
  • Which industry verticals are likely to be early adopters of network slicing.
  • What are the key challenges to deploying network slicing and what your service orchestration strategy should be to address them.
  • The sensitivities surrounding net neutrality, security, and regulatory compliance that service providers need to be aware of.
  • How service providers can empower their customers to take more control over the network slices they consume, scaling them up and down as needed and paying only for what is used.