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OCI DevOps Service Announcement

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OCI DevOps Service Announcement

OCI DevOps Service: A complete CI/CD platform

Introducing the OCI DevOps service

We’re excited to announce the general availability of continuous integration (CI) features from the OCI DevOps service! This launch builds on our existing CD features to deliver a complete, end-to-end CI/CD platform in OCI commercial regions.

OCI DevOps will significantly improve developer experience and productivity through:
  • Automated build, test and deploy processes for improved operational efficiency
  • Integration with services such as Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes and Oracle Functions
  • Lowered deployment risk through fewer manual operations
  • Reduced risk, complexity, and downtime
Register for the webinar to see how developers can now commit their source code to a DevOps code repository, build and test software artifacts with a managed build runner, deliver artifacts to OCI repositories, and run a deployment to OCI platforms.

Featured Speaker

Dan Gerrity

Dan Gerrity

SVP of developer services