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Securing and controlling Unified Communications from the cloud

The acceleration of digital transformation is driving a major change in the work environment. Employees in hybrid workplaces are relying on virtual communications to connect with colleagues distributed across different locations. The need for proper communication tools to fit a given situation has increased.

The impact of this shifting work dynamic is changing the way that UCaaS vendors and providers, as well as IT organizations, are innovating, designing, and provisioning their solutions. There has been a rising focus on developing solutions with features and capabilities that accommodate the flexible work experience, putting it on par with the in-office experience.

Deployments of cloud-based services have enabled a significant shift in the global workforce dynamic to a more flexible, distributed work model. This paper explores the future of the Unified Communications market including the critical nature of Session Border Controllers in enabling BYOC and other modern UC infrastructure deployments, as well as the new challenges and opportunities created by virtual communication technologies.