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Enterprise communications move to the cloud

Enterprises are moving their business to the cloud to help cut IT costs, streamline processes, improve security, and boost performance. When it comes to communications systems, Unified Communications and Contact Center technology are the key enterprise services which are readily available in the cloud. Unified Communications (UC) as a Service (UCaaS) includes telephony and messaging and has become critical to enterprises with the growth of video conferencing. Contact Center (CC) as a Service (CCaaS) offers scalable, flexible architecture to provide enterprise support with most of the communications infrastructure in the cloud.

Each have architectures that are held together and brokered by session delivery technology, specifically a Session Border Controller (SBC). Not only does the SBC provide a secure connection into an enterprise; it will often broker communications services between end users, applications, and external services.

As these services move to the cloud, SBCs are needed to ensure seamless, secure delivery to all network endpoints.

To learn more about the enterprise communications shift to the cloud, Omdia conducted a survey for Oracle Communications in June 2021 to better understand the current landscape of enterprise transitions to UCaaS and CCaaS, the challenges they’re facing around security, and the benefits of SBCs. Download this paper from Omdia for insights on their findings.