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Level up your Oracle OKE Debugging with Rookout’s Dynamic Observability

Kubernetes is everywhere, helping global companies build modern, agile, and scalable software. With Oracle OKE, organizations deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters in the cloud and overcome scale problems. And yet, when it comes to OKE observability, they still face a set of real-time challenges. Using Rookout’s dynamic observability you can bridge those challenges and get real-time answers to real-time questions. In this webcast, we’ll discuss:

  • The Observability challenges of cloud-native and OKE debugging
  • How to collect metrics, log lines and debug snapshots from a running OKE application, troubleshoot faster, and get an instant insight into your App
  • How easy it is to get started
Featured Speakers
Oded Keret
VP of Products, Rookout

Oded is Rookout's Product lead. He's an experienced software engineer and product manager. Oded is a true believer in having fun while working together. He is also the founder of the Board Games in Tel-Aviv Meetup group, and Co-Founder of The Party™ team.
Robert Ronan
Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Robert is Principal Product Manager with Oracle. He has 20+ years of experience in the industry, delivering software, services and solutions in cloud.