Oracle webinar with Inspirage:
Act faster and adapt quicker in the constantly evolving business world
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The future of business arrived sooner than any of us expected. For most of Manufacturing companies, change isn’t an option - it’s a necessity. Increasing customer expectations, fierce competition and the lightning-fast pace of innovation mean if you aren’t keeping up, you risk losing out.

That’s at the heart of this upcoming webinar on connected planning. The key to operational agility and flexibility, connected planning lets you act faster and adapt quicker in the constantly evolving business world.

It is about moving beyond the old style of disconnected planning and adopting a much more agile approach. By combining financial and operational planning, well connected to your execution, you can have a holistic overview of your business and benefit from improved performance, collaboration, workflow management, analytics, governance, and ease of use. No more siloed systems that make it painful to put plans in place.

Bringing together finance and operations is only part of the change. How you leverage external data can also evolve, employing machine learning to create a richer picture of your organization. With that in your hands, you can improve forecast accuracy, eliminate delays in decision making, and deliver prescriptive insights.

All through one major shift: Connected Planning.

Join us on 16 February 2022 to discover how to:
  • Reimagine finance by connecting plans across the enterprise
  • Automate tasks intelligently with emerging technology
  • Empower decisions by leveraging all data with machine learning
Register your interest by entering your details into the form and we look forward to you joining us.
Oracle webinar with Inspirage: Act faster and adapt quicker in the constantly evolving business world
Featured speakers
Arup Chatterjee, Inspirage
Arup Chatterjee
Executive Vice President,
APAC and EMEA Business Development
Sascha Gruendler, Inspirage
Sascha Gruendler 
Senior Director Sales Western Europe
Lionel Albert, Oracle
Lionel Albert
Manufacturing Strategy Director
Oracle EMEA
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