Oracle Java and GraalVM Webcast Series
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Three Tips to Shrink Wrap Your Java Containers
Join us to learn about improving application performance and agility with GraalVM Enterprise Native Image

Containers have become the de facto mechanism for packaging and deploying software. In this talk we'll discuss why it makes sense to not just wrap the application in a container, but also to shrink the contents. This approach can improve performance, security, and agility. 


In this 30-minute webcast, we demonstrate how GraalVM Enterprise Native Image creates lean, mean, containerized Java applications. Join us to learn:


·       How to create a native executable with GraalVM Enterprise

·       How to deploy executables to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

·       How native executables use less memory 

Featured Speaker
Ewan Slater
Ewan Slater
Director of Technical Marketing, Java and GraalVM

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