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TM Forum Catalyst 2020: Smart networks for smart cities

Assure1® – Closed-loop service assurance enabling zero-touch operations

Learn how the city of Dublin, Ohio used Assure1® service assurance to improve its smart parking traffic surveillance. Deployed over a 5G network that enabled IoT devices and data center compute at the network edge Dublin used closed-loop service assurance to enable autonomous operations and a path to zero-wait, zero-touch, and zero-trouble.

In the TMF Catalyst, Smart Networks for Smart Cities, Fujitsu and Federos proposed a digital transformation framework to enable the deployment of end-to-end services over wireless and virtual environments. This is done while providing autonomous network connectivity and ensuring consistent SLAs across multiple network domains. The proposed solution also demonstrated network service reliability for critical video analytics, which requires high-bandwidth and low-latency for real-time video processing.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  •  How a digitization platform framework can deliver innovative services at the 5G network edge
  • Understand a perspective on closed-loop service assurance and autonomous operations for 5G networks
  • The approach used and the key benefits of the solutions that enabled it

Oracle acquired Federos on December 21, 2021. Federos Assure1 is now known as Oracle Unified Assurance.