Oracle webinar with DCC:
Drive innovation and sustainability to build modern manufacturing companies
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Digital transformation is knocking on our door more and more insistently today.

In the current economic landscape, manufacturers must keep innovation and sustainability fully aligned. Companies are constantly having to adapt their business models quickly or risk falling behind. 

Integration between the shop floor and finance and supply chain offices allows us to make the best use of financial resources, capital goods, and the workforce at large. And digital transformation is how we get there. 

But that’s easier said than done. Digital transformation requires a huge cultural and organizational shift. It requires everyone to pull in the same direction, and to do that, you have to ensure they’re on the same page. If you want to fully integrate your operations and make the most of the potential offered by technology, you need to start right. 

At Oracle, we have always been committed to the design, development, and continuous evolution of solutions to best accompany our customers on this path. That’s why we will be at the Digital Capability Center (DCC) in Venice as part of the worldwide McKinsey network. Along with our Cloud Applications team, we’ll cover how you can bring together your shop floor and back office technologies and build a modern-day success story. 

Join us on 10 March to learn about digital transformation in the world of manufacturing, and how a futureproof model of digitally connected enterprise can benefit you.

Our webinar will cover:
●      Today’s challenges and opportunities for manufacturers.
●      Digitization and sustainability.
●      Changing management and technological innovation.
●      A DCC walkthrough - Oracle use cases on planning and smart manufacturing.

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Oracle webinar with DCC
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Simone Marchetti
Simone Marchetti
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Cinzia Lacopeta
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Oracle is partnering with Forest Nation to continue fighting deforestation and empower the next generation.

For every participant who completes the poll, Oracle will be planting 5 trees in partnership with Forest Nation. The trees will be planted in the forests of Tanzania creating sustainable livelihoods for local farming, empowering local youth, and bringing benefits to our planet.
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