Move for the Ideal VMware Cloud Platform
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Don't let your data center hinder your VMware environment
Maximize VMware with cloud migration

Oracle Cloud VMware Solutionenables enterprises to quickly migrate their VMware environments from data center hardware to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without retooling applications or altering best practices and operational processes. Discover how Oracle Cloud VMware Solution delivers an enterprise-grade, production-proven solution for VMware customers looking to save money, increase agility, and boost system performance in the cloud while using the VMware technology they know and trust.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to expedite your move to the cloud while preserving operations and policies.
  • Hear from our expert on how they saved money, increased agility, and boosted their system performance in the cloud with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution
  • Discover why Oracle Cloud is the ideal cloud platform for enterprise VMware environments with critical applications and workloads
Join this session to discover how the right cloud platform can power your VMware environment to new heights.


13:30 PM Welcome Keynote
13:40 PM Oracle Cloud VMware Solution – The Ideal Platform for VMware Workloads
14:10 PM VMware Strategy and OCVS Use Case
14:35 PM Demonstration
14:55 PM Q & A
15:00 PM Wrap up & closing
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