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Deliver Highly Available & Cost Effective Open Source Apps with MDS & HeatWave
If you are looking to automate deployment for MySQL apps, scale seamlessly to meet business requirements, accelerate analytics of the massive data stored in MySQL, and achieve better price performance, this session is for you.

Join us to hear from our customer Custella to share how MySQL Database Service and OCI help their business scale, improve customer experience and simplify management. Also how to leverage MySQL HeatWave and Autopilot to improve query performance up to 5400x and reduce your costs by up to 66%.  Learn a quick, risk-free pathway for you to achieve the same.

Click the button above to watch the video, explore the live-lab workshops related to this topic and download the slides.
Featured speakers

Director, OCI Solutions, MySQL apps & App Integration, JAPAC, Oracle
Hari Prashanth

Product Director, Custella

Vice President, OCI Solutions, JAPAC, Oracle
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