Cloud Coaching: Monte Carlo Race strategy on Ampere A1
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2021 will go down as one of the most epic F1 seasons that was ever raced. It had everything you could ask for and it ended with an ending that only Hollywood could have come up with. It had speed, drama, controversy and in the end it was mostly decided by race strategy and who had the freshest tire for an incredible last lap. In this tutorial, we will simulate F1 races and use Monte Carlo simulation to decide of the optimal strategy.

Like race engineers, you will use open-source cloud native technologies to simulate the race billions of times to get the best odds of winning the championship. Deploying Oracle Kubernetes Engine, it takes a few minutes for an Ampere-powered ARM cluster to start predicting when to pit to cross the line first.

Join us and raise your questions live!
Featured Speaker
Bruno Garbaccio
HPC Cloud Architect