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Oracle Energy and Water named DERMS IDC MarketScape Leader

Distributed energy resource management systems (DERMSs) are becoming essential software offerings to help manage the power grid and are on the top of mind for many utilities executives.

“It is all about creating flexibility for the future” says Sameer Kalra, Oracle Energy and Water’s Director of Operational Technology Products.

Oracle is positioned in the Leaders category in the 2022 IDC MarketScape for worldwide distributed energy resource management systems. Oracle's DERMS platform's key capabilities include modeling, analyzing, and optimizing DERs; leveraging DERs to address distribution network constraints; enabling safe, reliable, and efficient DER participation to wholesale power markets; and managing DER-related customer programs, devices, and field services.

Its DERMS operational platform can be offered as a standalone product or an extension of its utilities Network Management System application. Oracle's Network Management System enables utilities to optimize grid operations, shorten outage times, and manage DERs economically and efficiently. Its utilities enterprise DERMS offering has six core functions:
  1. DERMS network operations
  2. DERMS market operations
  3. DERMS customer and programs management
  4. DERMS analytics
  5. DER device management
  6. DERMS field services

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