Oracle Integration Update Webcast
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Product Management Webinar

Attend to get the latest updates and innovations on Oracle Integration May 2022 release. Our Oracle Integration Product Manager Team will present new features, product roadmaps, discuss upcoming innovations and provide guidelines to help you adopt these quickly within your organization.

Oracle Integration as part of the OCI Ecosystem & API Gateway
Customers buy solutions not products - OIC is the solution for connecting your apps, extending your apps, gaining business insight into your business processes, creating net new web and native mobile apps on top of your app apis. But what if OIC is not enough for some use cases? Then remember OIC is a cloud native OCI service, one of many others - these "others" can be easily leveraged from OIC to provide the business solutions customers require.

Oracle API Gateway is a comprehensive platform for managing, delivering, and securing Web APIs. It provides integration, acceleration, governance, and security for API and SOA-based systems. Oracle API Gateway is available on Windows, Linux, and Solaris (for more details, see the Oracle API Gateway Installation and Configuration Guide). This topic describes the high-level functionality available in the Oracle API Gateway.

Welcome & announcements
May release update Oracle Integration
Oracle Integration as part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ecosystem
Introduction to API Gateway for Oracle Integration
Questions & answers
Featured speakers
Robert Wunderlich
Director Product Management, Oracle HQ
Senior Director Product Management, Oracle HQ
Director Product Management, Oracle HQ
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