Oracle Java Webcast Series
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Application modernization: What patterns and accelerators can you use to build a modular, scalable, secure, and efficient cloud-native application?
GraalVM Webcast Series
The landscape of application development is constantly changing and the major change in recent years is Cloud Computing. We must build systems that are globally available, that consume less IT resources, are maintainable and all this, while reducing the time to market…

To respond to this new paradigm and fully benefit from the transformative power of Cloud Computing, software engineers need new models to develop these cloud-native applications.

Two fundamental features for cloud-native applications are the ability to easily scale horizontally on demand (scalability) and the ability to start and shut down quickly (Disposability), reducing costs by avoiding wasted resources.

We will see during this session that, in addition to frameworks like Spring Boot, GraalVM Enterprise is a perfect accelerator to help you in this modernization journey transforming Monolith into Cloud Native applications.
Simon Barrailler
Simon Barrailler
Java Solutions Advisor – EMEA
Elvadas Nono Woguia
Principal Solutions Architect
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