Hands-on Lab: MongoDB Developers Full Python App Development with Autonomous JSON
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During this 2 hour hands-on you can learn how to create a Python application using Microservices on Autonomous JSON and MongoDB data sources. The labs that will be part of the session are: 

  • Create development environment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Deploy a document store with one collection on Oracle Autonomous Database for JSON
  • Develop a simple Python web service to manage JSON documents via REST calls
  • Use APEX to visualize document store in a very fast way
  • Use multi-cloud support to your Python web service to support MongoDB
  • Compare and understand the differences between Oracle SODA with MongoDB API and Oracle MongoAPI capability
  • Use MongoAPI capability for micro-service Python application
With the new API, developers can continue to use MongoDB's open-source tools and drivers connected to an Oracle Autonomous JSON Database while gaining access to Oracle’s multi-model capabilities and the benefits of a self-driving database. Customers can now run MongoDB workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
Featured Speaker
Priscila Iruela
Technology Product Strategy Director at Oracle EMEA
Valentin Leonard Tabacaru
Principal Product Manager at Oracle