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Improving Application Support and Security on Kubernetes at Scale - OKE and Shipa

Leveraging Kubernetes is certainly a journey that many organizations are undertaking. As organizations start to ramp up usage in Kubernetes, there starts to be an outnumbering of developers producing workloads vs a smaller amount of those purveying the platform e.g the platform or DevOps engineers. Two challenges come up quickly. First is how does an organization centralize application information allowing different teams to have a clear understanding of what is going on and in with application. Second is how to build rules and policies to enforce security and potential compliance postures.

Learn in this session how Oracle Kubernetes Engine paired with Shipa can help you scale your Kubernetes Infrastructure and application posture at scale. Key topics covered include:

  • Enabling DevOps and AppSec teams to implement security and compliance issues for Kubernetes based workloads all while decreasing application support time.
  • Having a dynamic mode making it easier to evolve security posture as new threats/compliance requirements come about.
  • How to get started with Oracle Kubernetes Engine and Shipa.
Featured Speaker

Bruno Andrade
Founder at Shipa