Premier League challenge 1: Experience analytics and machine learning on real match data
On demand virtual hands-on lab
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If you are passionate about football and data, this demo workshop is for you! Thanks to our partnership with Premier League you have the unique opportunity to experience first-hand what it is to be a football analyst and apply advanced analytics and machine learning to real match data!

In this first workshop you will learn about the (xG) Model.

What is an Expected Goals (xG) model?

Expected goals (xG) is a predictive model used to assess every goal-scoring chance, and the likelihood of scoring. The xG model computes for each chance, the probability to score based on factors such as distance, position of defenders, type and speed of pass, type of shot, shot angles and various other aspects (Event-based variables). You will learn how to:

  • Prepare match data on Autonomous to make it ready for analysis
  • Visualize data on a football pitch
  • Train your own xG machine learning model
  • Apply your model to recent matches to understand team and player performance

Join us for this fun and exciting session and experience what it is to be a football analyst.

This event is part of a series of workshops organized jointly by Premier League and Oracle. Stay tuned for Challenge 2

The Premier League, the world’s most watched football league, has chosen Oracle as its official cloud provider. In teaming with Oracle, the Premier League provides teams with a chance to improve their game through a deeper understanding of the data and increase the excitement of fans through new in-match statistics. Oracle Cloud delivers the power to make these ground breaking statistics possible.
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