Application Development
Aberdeen Knowledge Brief
Best-in-class turn to Java to build world-class cloud applications

How do leaders in application development—those with the highest quality, most efficiency, and strongest security—achieve these advantages?

The Aberdeen research defines leaders in application development as organizations who are in the top 30% of key success metrics in quality, performance, security, and reliability. The research analyzes the key technologies, development, and IT strategies that leaders are leveraging to understand the key trends and best-practices. Aberdeen research shows that, even when faced with adopting cutting-edge cloud-native technologies and practices, they turn to development platforms, such as Java, that are enterprise-ready and that allow them to build secure apps that meet today’s needs in the cloud.

Read the report to learn about the:

  • Technology considerations when building and running cloud-based applications
  • Infrastructure and frameworks required by modern applications
  • Languages and technologies that enhance cloud native deployments

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