Application Development
Aberdeen Research Report
Application Development in Cloud Native Environments: How Java Boosts Agility and ROI

Organizations today face increasing challenges, and in many cases find that to deliver a truly differentiated offer to the market, they need to develop their own software that underpins that offer.

These pressures have driven a transformation in application architecture and infrastructure.  So, developers find themselves under pressure to be more productive at the same time as adapting to significant changes.

Aberdeen has analyzed how successful organizations have been able to adapt to changes in architecture while maintaining and even increasing developer productivity. The key finding is that successful organizations stick with tried-and-true development languages, such as Java, while adapting to new architectures and platforms.

Java's key advantages include:
  • Ubiquity
  • Ecosystem
  • Developer tooling
  • Vendor support and patching
  • Long term commitment to the future of the platform
Read the report to see how you can leverage the strengths of Java to support your successful transition to cloud native development.

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IT organizations that modernize application processe with enterprise class languages such as Java are:

more likely to see improved security and compliance for

more likely to report
increased ROI for
application projects

more likely to experience
very low defect rates
in code

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