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Java's gone (cloud) native

If you have ever tried to help an organisation adopt cloud or change its business model from selling on premises licenses to delivering Software as a Service, you’ll know that it is not just a case of re - hosting and setting up remote access.

Cloud applications need to be able to scale rapidly. Cloud businesses need to ensure that they are not paying for more infrastructure than they need.

For Java developers one of the most promising approaches to reconciling these requirements is “native images” or Ahead Of Time (AOT) compilation. The JVM bytecode of the application is further compiled to produce a native executable.

This executable is smaller, starts faster and uses less resources than the Java form of the application.

In this talk, We will discuss:
  • Java AOT and when it makes sense to use it
  • Using Oracle GraalVM to create native images
  • The Graal Cloud Native - an opinionated framework for building microservices with GraalVM. 
Featured Speaker
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Ewan Slater
Director of Technical Marketing, Java and GraalVM