Modernize your
Mainframe and
Accelerate Innovation

Unlock your business potential and economic benefits

Hear from Gartner, Accenture and Oracle why your Mainframe platform is suppressing your business and remains the most costly platform to maintain. You'll also learn how Accenture and Oracle are working with clients, those impacts and how to start that journey.

Impacts our clients have achieved:

  • 50-80% OPEX cost reduction, while solving how to address legacy skillsets.
  • Preservation of business rules and logic without rewriting the application from the ground up (250,000 MIP Fin Serve usecase).
  • Maintain enterprise-class RAS (reliability, availability & scale) and leverage autonomous technology post-migration

Featured speakers:
Donald Feinberg, Gartner - VP, Distinguished Analyst
Rick Balon, Accenture - Managing Director, Lead for Cloud Migration & App Modernizations
Lance Knowlton, Oracle - VP, Platforms Migration Group

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