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How to seamlessly leverage Anaconda on OCI

The world’s most popular data science platform recently became available through OCI Data Science. Anaconda and Oracle have teamed up to offer you secure, open-source Python and R tools and packages without needing a separate enterprise license.

Attend this session to learn how to leverage Anaconda technology directly from an OCI Data Science notebook session by creating a custom conda environment using secure packages from the Anaconda repository. We’ll also demonstrate how the same conda environment can be easily reused across notebooks, training jobs, and model deployment for a more seamless experience.

 Christian Capdeville from Anaconda, Inc  and JR Gauthier, Product Architect for OCI Data Science will host this session highlighting the unique benefits of the Anaconda repository and how you’ll benefit from the conda package manager for your project dependencies. 
In Partnership with Anaconda
Featured Speakers
Speaker 1
JR Gauthier
Product Manager and Data Scientist, Oracle AI Services and Data Science
Speaker 2
Christian Capdeville
Director of Product Marketing, Anaconda