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Cloud Coaching: Fully Integrated Real-Time Data Pipeline with Kafka Connect and Oracle Streaming

Oracle Streaming has multiple different use cases when it comes to handling real time data and one of them is to ingest data from 3rd party applications like RabbitMQ. In this webinar, we will see how to use Kafka Connect as an intermediary to ingest simple json data from rabbitMQ hosted on Oracle Cloud into Oracle Streaming service. Using our service connector hub capabilities, we will also show how to move data from Oracle Streaming service to call a function which can then be used to manipulate the data in multiple ways.

In this sessions we will cover:
  • How to setup Kafka Connect to integrate between RabbitMq and Oracle Streaming
  • View how a simple Json messages moves from RabbitMq -> Kafka Connect -> OCI Streaming
  • View how to setup service connector hub to move messages from OCI Streaming to Functions
  • Deploy a simple function to consume messages from OCI Streaming

Featured Speakers
Chinmay Thakar
Senior Cloud Engineer
Sasanka Abeysinghe
Senior Cloud Engineer
Christian Arredondo
Staff Cloud Engineer