Oracle Cloud Differentiators
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Why Oracle Cloud should be in your plans

Oracle Generation 2 Cloud Infrastructure changes the way agencies interact with Cloud technologies. Whether you are an Oracle or non-Oracle customer currently architecting a cloud roadmap with multiple cloud vendors, Oracle has a fully open ecosystem for wide compatibility. Even with other cloud providers, building a hybrid strategy or maintaining a private cloud, agencies can still benefit from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Agenda at a glance:

  • Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?
  • Open ecosystem for Oracle Cloud
  • Cost and performance comparison
  • Industry partnerships with Azure and VMWare
  • Autonomous infrastructure and service offerings
  • Why Oracle Cloud for your Oracle Database and applications?  
Nishan Lutful
Nishan Lutful
Principal Consultant, Oracle

Nishan Lutful has over 10 years of experience with large scale architecture for distributed systems. He specializes in Cloud transformations to improve the overall operational efficiency and cost effectivity.
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