How to create a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business
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Backup and disaster recovery solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Most of today's businesses are inclined to deploy disaster recovery (DR) plans to ensure a certain level of business continuity. You likely have thought about high availability and DR, but the current solutions you have in place may not be as robust as needed. 

Oracle offers protection of your data and applications on-premises and in the cloud with a broad range of flexible business continuity solutions. These solutions are based on our proven cloud platform offered across a global, secure network of cloud regions. From high-bandwidth file synchronization to backup/restore and detailed database failover options, Oracle Cloud offers scalable, reliable, secure, and extremely cost-effective resiliency and disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

In this session, we will determine what an adequate DR plan looks like and take a look at our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offerings for disaster recovery and business continuity. We will explore why DR is imperative for business continuity, operational and security resistance.


  • Fundamentals in disaster recover planning
  • Learn about best practices and architectures for backup/restore and disaster recovery to Oracle Cloud.
  • Hear about customers that depend on Oracle Cloud for business continuity
Sinan Petrus Toma
Principal Product Manager 
Paola Simonian
Technology Product
Strategy Manager 

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