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Omdia Research paper

Omdia Research paper

Protecting enterprises from voice fraud

From its inception, Internet Protocol (IP) telephony, has brought radical change in the telecommunications sector. Technology has evolved to enable the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks, including the public internet, leading to significant cost savings and creating an environment for fostering innovative services.

However, while VoIP and the session initiation protocol (SIP) that enables it have revolutionized both the operations and economics of telephony, they have also introduced new challenges in terms of security. VoIP opened up voice to bad actors - attacks such as scamming, spam calls, call flooding and robocalls can lead to a loss of billions of dollars each year, hitting both communications service providers and their enterprise customers.

In this report, Omdia outlines the value of the Session Border Controller, and Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud in combating voice network attacks.

Download this paper from Omdia for insights on their findings.