ML Furniture Recommendation
All The Power Of AI And Immersive Analytics

In the demo, Cristina (the avatar) provides a Phygital (physical plus digital) experience to the user in helping buy new furniture. This demo uses Oracle Digital Assistant (chatbot) & AI Vision service to interact with the customer. Based on the background photo uploaded, the recommendation engine analyzes characteristics such as kind and color of furniture and accordingly propose a good fit for the space. AI analysis is done using immersive analytics with Oracle Analytics Cloud. The behavior of the recommender is based on the 'kind' and 'color' parameters.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Vision is an AI service for performing deep-learning–based image analysis at scale. Solutions such as Intelligent Chatbot enables a combination of simple communication and accurate response through AI/ML & NLP capabilities.

  • To recommend the right Furniture based on deep-learning–based image analysis combinations.
Use Cases:
  • Retail buying experience
Architecture: How we can put it together
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