Data Analysis – Esports Race Analysis
Achieving peak performance with Oracle Cloud

Esports Demo simulate the full Data Management life cycle. In this Demo real Time Data is being generating by user playing F1 Game in Abu Dhabi circuit which include 16 corners. The car sensor data is being uploaded to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in real time to land in an Oracle Autonomous Database. Then Business insights is provided on how the driver has performed during the race by analyzing different key performance indicators like the speed, the gear, the throttle, etc. Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence is applied on the data to understand any hidden patterns. 

Finally, a data set of F1 fans score is being analyzed to understand the different factors that affect the high scoring of fans while watching the game. These analysis will help both the team and the fans to enjoy a better experience while racing or watching the game.

  • To capture and analyze Esports race data to provide business insights on key performance indicators.
Use Cases:
  • Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence
  • Pattern Analysis and Business Insights
  • Customer Experience  
Report Visualization: 
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