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Managing your Java estate just got easier with Java Management Service

Operating an organization’s application estate is complex. In most organizations, Java workloads are a significant proportion of the estate. Typically, there will be multiple versions of Java, deployed across multiple environments, supporting many applications. The complexity of managing the estate is the product of these multiplied together.

Java Management Service (JMS) from Oracle, is a cloud service that can help address this complexity. Basic Discovery Services, available to everyone, provide critical insights into Java application behavior and compliance. Advanced Features, available to Java SE Subscription customers and OCI customers deliver centralized runtime management, performance, and cryptographic usage information.

Java Management Service users can:

  • Track Java runtimes and applications
  • Update or upgrade old Java installations
  • Monitor and gather additional insights on Java applications

Join Bernard Traversat, VP of Software Development and Aurelio Garcia–Ribeyro, Senior Director, Java Product Management as they introduce the latest features of Java Management Service and explain how it can help you manage your Java estate better.
Featured speakers
Bernard Traversat
VP of Software Development

Aurelio Garcia–Ribeyro
Senior Director, Java Product Management
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