TechXchange: Migrate to MDS 
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Join us in the new TechXchange webinar series. This series will feature various conversations and voices from our subject matter experts as well as our sales team as a cohost to help navigate your business challenges you need help with to articulate.

In our first episode, we’ll cover the topic of Migration to MDS.

If you have been running your mobile, ecommerce, web applications on MySQL 5.7 or older version, this is a good time to think about migrating the old and soon to be out of support MySQL 5.7 database to our latest MySQL Database Service on Oracle Cloud.

Register now to learn about the benefits of migrating from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL Database Service, a panel of MySQL experts will be online to answer any of your questions on migration.

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Featured speaker
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Ryan Kuan

Master Principal Solution Engineer, MySQL
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Yvonne Chong

Cloud Sales Representative, MySQL
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