Drive Supply Chain Resilience with Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM

Seamlessly connect your supply chain to create a resilient network and processes built to outpace change. With Oracle SCM, organizations can respond quickly to changing demand, supply, and market conditions.

ODrive Supply Chain Resilience with Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM

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Optimize Supply Chain Management with Built-in AI

Don't let manual, outdated processes slow down your growth. Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM is embedded with AI to eliminate time-consuming tasks. Optimize shipping and deliveries, warehouse management, inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and more.

Oracle Cloud Supply Chain

An End-to-End Supply Chain Solution Built for Your Needs

From warehouse management to transportation management, Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM is a complete suite of easily configurable supply chain modules built to fit your business needs.

Smarter Supply Chain Planning & Logistics

Smarter Supply Chain Planning & Logistics

Plan demand, supply, order fulfillment, and production intelligently across your supply chain, collaborating end-to-end to gain visibility, reduce disruptions, and minimize costs.

Advanced Analytics with AI

Advanced Analytics with AI

Detect supply chain issues and patterns with a prebuilt, AI-powered analytics solution to help you improve efficiency, increase revenue, and reduce costs.

Adaptable, Modular Design

Adaptable, Modular Design

Connect everything from product design to fulfillment in one user-focused system. Start with what you need most and grow from there.

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