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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and NVIDIA have partnered to deliver infrastructure which accelerates AI-workloads and drives widespread adoption of deep learning models.

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OCI and NVIDIA power next-generation AI models

Customers such as Adept, an ML research and product lab developing a universal AI teammate, are using the power of OCI and NVIDIA technologies to build the next generation of AI models.


Explore how OCI supports GPU computing for ML model training

OCI Compute enables machine learning (ML) engineers to build next-generation AI models for any workload.

High throughput bare metal GPU clusters

High throughput bare metal GPU clusters

OCI’s bare metal NVIDIA GPU instances offer a high performance platform for applications that rely on machine learning, image processing, and high performance computing jobs.

Cluster support

Cluster support

Get industry leading support throughout the entire lifecycle of your ML model training. OCI sales and engineering will ensure your clusters are running efficiently at scale.

High-speed RDMA cluster networks

High-speed RDMA cluster networks

With NVIDIA RDMA NICs achieving up to 1600 Gbps internode bandwidth, OCI provides performant networking to significantly reduce your training times.

Industry Leaders Who Rely on Oracle

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