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Oracle Analytics empowers business users, data engineers, and citizen data scientists to connect, prepare and enrich all relevant data, evaluate predictions, and make quick, accurate decisions.

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Oracle Analytics has built-in capabilities that address the entire data and analytics process including ingestion and modeling, preparation and enrichment, and visualization and collaboration, without compromising security and governance.

Oracle Analytics Solution

Continuously innovate

Use the latest data analytics technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP).

Code free machine learning

Code free machine learning

Discover unseen signals in data with machine learning that is embedded throughout the analytics platform. ML capabilities for all, from clickers to coders, that deliver trusted insights without human bias.

Data visualization anywhere, anytime

Data visualization anywhere, anytime

Instantly visualize data, jump-starting the analytics process to create compelling data stories from all types of data sources. Natural language powers text and speech for conversational search and analysis.

Built-in data preparation

Built-in data preparation

No longer resort to spreadsheets to prepare your data for analyses. Auditable data preparation and enrichment is built-in so you can complete the last-mile of data processing securely.

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