TechXchange: MySQL on Kubernetes
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Organizations are seeking to stay on top in today's competitive landscape. Speed is key and thus, Cloud Native was born as a new technological concept.

Applications built on Cloud Native platforms like Kubernetes in the form of microservices is an implementation of an agile methodology that changes the entire process from the design, automated testing, DevOps, to an accelerated production environment. Although, initially only for Stateless application, the birth of StatefulSets in Kubernetes, persisting and migrating data no longer pose a problem. Persistent volumes make it possible to run stateful workloads in Kubernetes. 

MySQL is the #1 Open Source database in the world and has been certified by the CNCF for use in Cloud Native on top of Kubernetes environment.

Join us and learn how to take full advantage of the world's most popular open source database in a cloud native environment for increased scalability, elasticity, resiliency, automation, accessibility, cost reduction, and simplified database management.

In this webinar, you will learn:

1. Various MySQL deployment architectures for cloud native
2. Technical details of how MySQL runs on top of Kubernetes
3. MySQL Operators for Kubernetes
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Featured speaker
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Hananto Wicaksono

Master Principal Solution Engineer, MySQL

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Sandeep Angresh

Senior Regional Sales Director, Enterprise Software Sales, APAC & Japan
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