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Create Business Forecasts the AI Way

Every business tracks key metrics—sales, revenue, inventory, demand—to understand trends over time and plan accordingly.

Discover how to detect complex relationship patterns, trends, seasonality, errors, and other external factors in time-series data using AI. OCI Forecasting, a new AI service from Oracle, enables developers and data scientists to deliver univariate and multivariate time-series forecasts through REST APIs and SDKs.

OCI Forecasting provides automatic data pre-processing, automated best-model selection, and simplified training—all through one API call. Start gaining more insights and discover new impactful actions that your organization can take by adding OCI Forecasting to your arsenal of services.

Join our live webinar with product expert Akash Srivastav to discover how to use OCI Forecasting, along with: 

  • New ideas on using forecasts for critical business metrics, including product demand, revenue, and resource requirements
  • An end-to-end demo that showcases OCI Forecasting’s capabilities 
  • Info on how to get started today 
  • … and plenty of time for live Q&A!
Featured Speaker
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Akash Srivastav
Principal Product Manager