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Optimize Capital Portfolios by Synchronizing Cash Flow


Ensure optimal funding allocation in the face of challenging events

Capital planning and project execution have traditionally been conducted in silos. Having this separation results in delayed access to cash flow actuals and forecasts, which can negatively impact future planning and budgeting.

By bridging the two, planners gain access to more timely cash flow actuals and forecasts on all projects in their portfolio to make the best use of budget. Project managers can then take action as soon as the new budget is approved to help keep projects on track.

In this ebook, learn how integrated capital planning and project execution synchronizes cash flow to optimize capital budgets when responding to five challenging or unexpected events:

  • Changing interest rates
  • Natural disasters and other global emergencies
  • Unforeseen conditions that cause indefinite project delays
  • Supply chain disruptions and material shortages
  • Scope changes that may require capital redistribution

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