Oracle Named Leader in Advanced Distribution Management Systems

Read the 2023 Guidehouse Leaderboard report, naming Oracle as a leader in Advanced Distribution Management Systems. If you work at a utility and are responsible for managing the distribution grid and the ever-growing wave of devices being added to the grid edge, this report will help guide you through the challenges you are facing and identify the new capabilities to support your journey.

The proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs) and new data sources has made managing the energy grid infinitely more complex. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By working with a partner that delivers the most complex projects on time and on budget, with flexibility and scalability, utilities companies can optimize the grid of today and for the future, all while better navigating the energy transition. Learn why Guidehouse named Oracle a leader in Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS). Download the report.

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“Oracle NMS has evolved over decades of working in tandem with the world’s largest utilities to enable them to quite literally weather whatever mother nature sends their way, With NMS, utility operations teams have access to accurate, timely, and reliable information critical to help meet modern grid operations challenges from anywhere. NMS helps effectively maximize grid operations, shorten outage impact, and optimize distribution, all while keeping customers engaged and informed.”
-Brad Williams, vice president, Oracle Energy and Water
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