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Jenkins meets Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)

Are you looking for a quick way to deploy a scalable and Open Source CI/CD solution in Oracle Cloud? No problem!

Over the past decade, Jenkins has been the industry standard for many Enterprise companies, with the first release dating back to 2011. Despite the technological progress and many others CI/CD applications coming into the market, Jenkins is still the go to choice for many organizations.

With this workshop, we will show you how Jenkins can be provisioned in a modern and Cloud Native way, focusing on concepts like IaC, CasC, Pipeline as Code and stateless Kubernetes agents:
- 3 ways for deploying Jenkins on OKE
- create an OKE cluster with IaC
- Build a custom Jenkins image with IaC
- Deploy Jenkins on OKE
- Deploy a microservice using a Jenkins pipeline
Featured Speaker
Speaker 1
Alberto Campagna
Technology Architect -
Cloud Native Application Development