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Oracle MySQL Newsletter January 2023

» New Release MySQL 8.0.32
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New Release MySQL 8.0.32

Upcoming Live Webinars

On-demand webinars


New Blogs

MySQL 8.0.32

MySQL HeatWave


For additional blog posts: https://blogs.oracle.com/mysql/

New Videos


Customer References

Licitapyme migrated from Amazon Aurora and Amazon RedShift to MySQL HeatWave for better performance and lower costs.

"With the high performance of MySQL HeatWave, the native machine learning coupled with Oracle Analytics, and the new Oracle Cloud data center here in Chile, we are well equipped to scale into the public sector tendering business in other parts of Latin America." 

Paul Rojas
CEO, Licitapyme
Korean DGB Capital ensures high availability of financial applications and guarantees data integrity with MySQL Enterprise Edition.

"With MySQL Enterprise Edition we were able to improve the performance of our financial applications and provide our customers with a 24/7 available service that is highly secure against cyber-attacks." 

Hyun Jin Park
DBA,DGB Capital

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