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How sustainable solutions save the planet


Sustainable solutions save the planet by infusing new power into the energy industry

Traditional energy companies are playing a vital new role in environmental sustainability to fight climate change

Extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change present a severe threat to global economies, forcing greater energy demands to cool and heat homes and offices as summers grow hotter.

As customer demands and government mandates help drive the energy industry to positively impact the climate change crisis, the oil and gas industry’s contributions to environmental preservation is undergoing a step change.

The industry’s future operations lie in renewable energy sources and a lasting commitment to technological solutions. By introducing new technologies to improve operational efficiencies, oil and gas companies can reduce waste and make their entire operation more sustainable.

In this ebook, learn how:

  • "Big Oil" sees the value of sustainable energy practices and is embracing the future
  • Increased efficiency is decreasing the carbon footprint of traditional oil and gas operations
  • Energy companies are establishing sustainability policies and programs

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