Improving decision making and forecasting with connected planning
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Exclusive Webinar for Insurance Companies

Join this webinar to learn the challenges faced by insurers in today's rapidly evolving environment and how connected, continuous planning can help overcome them.

  • Discover how a common platform can bring together financial, operational, and line-of-business planning, giving you a complete view of your strategic plans and their impact on forward-looking financial statements.
  • Learn about scenario modeling and its importance in quickly creating long-range forecast models for fast-changing business dynamics.
  • Understand how scenario planning can help evaluate the impact of new opportunities and threats and make the right decisions for your organization's working capital, leverage, cash flow, and profitability.
Whether you are embarking on the finance modernization journey or hitting a new milestone, learn how Oracle can help your business adapt and survive in today's volatile conditions.

Oracle is committed to promoting a corporate culture that is centered on integrity, accountability and ethical business conduct.
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