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Deliver superior B2B customer experiences on a foundation of integrated data with Oracle
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Create a unified view across the customer journey

B2B CMOs have long faced the challenge of managing complex, disparate technology stacks powering their customer interactions. Recent market disruptions including shifts to remote work, shrinking marketing budgets, and changing expectations on acceptable experiences, have increased the difficulty to identify the highest value opportunities and B2B buyer intent. Learn how Oracle is using its own technology to:

- Gain a deeper understanding of its customers.

- Identify the right audiences.

- Deliver the best experience that meets each customer's needs.

Bence Gazdag
Vice President, Global Marketing Technology, Oracle

As Vice President of Global Marketing Technology at Oracle, Bence Gazdag is responsible for designing and managing Oracle’s marketing systems and infrastructure and oversees development of new innovative cloud products. He is an expert in marketing technology and focuses on innovation in marketing cloud orchestration, master data management, machine learning and AI. While focusing on marketing technology over the past 20+ years he held several roles ranging from operations to leading global enterprise demand centers, development teams and corporate data governance functions.

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