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Java 20 | What’s new in JDK 20?

With Oracle’s ongoing six-month release cadence and critical patch updates, Java continues to thrive due to the core tenets it is built upon: Trust, Innovation, and Predictability. JDK 20, the latest release of the Java SE Platform, continues improving on the preview and incubator features unveiled in earlier versions. The new release includes improvements to the Java language and libraries, as well as updates to the Java concurrency model being developed via Project Loom.

Join Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro and Sharat Chander for deeper insights into the most important features delivered in JDK 20 to help you stay on top of your Java modernization journey. Along with thousands of performance, stability, and security updates, JDK 20 offers a variety of enhancements including innovation in Project Amber, Project Loom, and Project Panama. In this session, learn all about the seven JDK enhancement proposals, hundreds of minor improvements, and thousands of fixes contained in this release.

The presentation will be followed by a session of live Q&A.

Featured speakers
Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro
Senior Director, Java Product Management
Sharat Chander
Senior Director, Java Product Management
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