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Unlock the Power of Your Data with Oracle database and MongoDB API

In this talk, we will take a look at Autonomous JSON Database (AJD), and the Database API for MongoDB. This API allows you to connect to the Oracle Database from standard tools such as Mongo Shell or Compass, as well as from any custom program written using a MongoDB API or driver. Re-use your MongoDB skills for new Oracle development, or move all your data from MongoDB to Oracle, and keep access to it simply by changing the connect string URI.

We'll see how Oracle gives you a dual view of the same data. You can work with it as JSON collections (as you would in MongoDB) but you can also get a relational view of that exact same data, and apply complex analytical queries from SQL. Data can easily be transformed from relational tables to document collections, and back again.

The session will consist of a short presentation and a longer demo of the capabilities of AJD and the Database API for MongoDB.
Featured Speaker
Roger Ford
Principal Product Manager