Optimize Vegetation Management with AI and Spatial Analytics
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Reduce annual vegetation management budget by 10-20% with AI

In this 30-minute webinar, you will see how applying spatial analytics to vegetation management can help your business reduce revenue loss from service interruptions and gain improved insights to drive more targeted predictive actions.

By combining high-quality satellite or LiDAR imagery with AI-powered risk assessment analytics, we will demonstrate how to build a fully automated vegetation management solution on the OCI platform.

The benefits of using geospatial technology for vegetation management include:

• Reduce vegetation infringement on power lines
• Validate expected vegetation growth rates
• Foster effective vegetation planning and monitoring
• Augment management and improve reliability (by 5-15%)
• Increase customer satisfaction and worker safety

Bring your questions to engage directly with Oracle’s AI Product Management and industry experts from Energy and Utilities. The discussion will include solutions relevant to energy, telecommunications, pipelines, railway operators and others who are focused on innovating their approach to delivering service while improving worker safety.
3:00 PM
Welcome & Speaker Introductions
3:10 PM
AI and Spatial Analytics for Vegetation Management

Satellite and LiDAR data generates very useful optical images of the vegetation, which, combined with ML models, can map vegetation around utility companies’ infrastructure. By combining high-quality satellite or Lidar imagery with AI-powered risk assessment analytics, we will demonstrate how to build a fully automated Vegetation Management solution on the OCI platform.
3:30 PM
Q & A Discussion
Featured speakers
Chad Sellers
Principal Cloud Architect

Chad Sellers is Principal Cloud Architect for OCI Engineering. As an enterprise architect, Chad has worked with a wide range of customers, in multiple industries, helping them transform their business and migrate mission critical workloads to the cloud. Chad has more than 26 years of experience working with customers on installs, upgrades and migrations.

Jay Lakumb
Principal Cloud Product Manager - OCI Engineering

Jay Lakumb is Principal Cloud Product Manager for OCI Engineering. Jay combines his formal education (MBA, BSEE, and CS) with his technical skills and industry expertise to solve market challenges across multiple industries, including Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Robotics & Automation, and more. His customer-focused approach to product management starts with asking, What problem are we trying to solve?

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