Oracle Java Webcast

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Leveraging Java Platform Innovations for your Business

The future is here! Are your applications ready?

Complexity and risk are inherent in application development; therefore, it is important for IT leaders and decision makers to understand the options to maximize efficiency and achieve business goals.

Join Java senior leaders Georges Saab and Donald Smith to explore the continuous innovations in the Java Platform and learn how the platform supports the requirements of today’s applications. Attendees will also learn about:
  • The key trends and challenges companies face in maintaining and modernizing application development environments.
  • The importance of balancing trust, innovation, and predictability in platforms like Java.
  • The latest and upcoming innovations in the Java Platform from Project Amber, ZGC to Project Loom and what they mean for your enterprise.
  • The role of the open source ecosystem in supporting business innovation.
  • Future-proofing and modernizing business applications for better visibility, security, flexibility, and performance with Java Management Service, Enterprise Performance Pack, and GraalVM.
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q/A.
Featured speakers
Georges Saab
SVP, Java Platform Group, Oracle and Chair, OpenJDK Governing Board
Donald Smith
VP, Java Product Management, Oracle
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