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Low Code eSports Analytics with Oracle Resource Manager and APEX

Seeking to gain a hands-on experience with Oracle technology?

Look no further than the Formula Pi Demo Kit. In this lab, you'll deploy data ingestion infrastructure and a low code app through Oracle Resource Manager. Once completed, you'll have your own version of an EA Sports F1 game data collector. You'll also explore the use of Oracle's APEX tool to create a visually appealing leaderboard for your eSports data. With its simplified development lifecycle and WYWASIG interface, APEX will streamline the development process for this use case.

The hands-on lab will take you through the following steps:

  • Lab 1 - Deploying Infrastructure with Resource Manager
  • Lab 2 - Setting up the Data Ingestion Engine
  • Lab 3 -  Exploring Data in APEX

Duration: 90 minutes

Featured Speakers
Wojciech Pluta
Cloud Native and Immersive Tech Advocate
Stuart Coggins
Director, Cloud Strategy
Jason Lowe
Cloud Engineer