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Working with location data and maps on Oracle Cloud

Oracle Spatial is a free feature in Oracle Database, available in all cloud and on-premises deployment options, with a wide set of geospatial data types and models, geospatial operations, and interactive map visualization tools. With Oracle Spatial, you can add location intelligence and mapping services to your analytics and applications, as well as support advanced geospatial tools and solutions.

In this session, you will learn the basics of how to add location intelligence to your analytics and apps. We will show you how to ingest, prepare, query, and visualize geospatial data and create location-aware workflows with Spatial Studio, a self-service tool that developers and analysts can use without having a deep knowledge of spatial methods and functions. We will then explain how to consume the results in other applications and tools like Oracle APEX.

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Featured Speaker
Karin Patenge
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle